Terms & Conditions


1.2 These general terms and conditions apply to the formation, content and implementation of all agreements concluded with NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw which NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw as (potential) seller of goods occurs. These conditions apply to all offers and agreements with NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw. The applicability of other conditions is emphatically had pointed. Deviations must be agreed in writing and only apply to the agreement.

1.3 ‘the other party’ in these conditions means any natural or legal person who wishes to conclude an agreement referred to in paragraph 2 of this article or NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw concluded.

1.4 Buyer shall not (commercial) agent or distributor NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw unless he is appointed by written agreement as such.


2.1 All quotations and / or offers of NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw are entirely optional.

2.2 NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw The price statement is no offer.

2.3 Acceptance of an offer by the buyer, NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw reserves the right to revoke the right to offer within 2 working days after receipt of such acceptance or to deviate. Without NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw will disclose in writing to the buyer reason.

2.4 Verbal promises NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw connect only after an explicit and written acknowledgment.

2.5 Procurement and other conditions of the buyer are expressly rejected by NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw, unless they are still accepted explicitly and in writing by NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw.


3.1 The business NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw are supplied at the prices prevailing at the time of ordering by NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw.

3.2 All prices are subject to change. The consequences of incorrectly listed prices no liability is accepted.

3.3 NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw reserves the right agreements have been concluded on the basis of incorrectly listed prices, not to accept.


4.1 Agreements are concluded only after an order by NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw feasibility is assessed. NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw does not accept the law without giving reasons, orders or commands.


5.1 All images, photographs (technical) data sheets (technical) specifications, dimensions, colors, etc. are only approximate, are not binding and can not lead to compensation and / or reason for termination of the agreement.

5.2 All by or on behalf of NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw made designs, images, etc. and remain under paragraph 1 owned NutsShop Ugumaxizoqazyw and may not be copied without express written consent or reproduced in any way, nor are displayed or used in any way to third parties.